Friday, January 16, 2009

More run throughs today

There were lots of distractions at the club today, which was a good thing. Some training friends were there so we gave each other utility run throughs and some extra work on weak areas. The added stress of distractions resulted in some heeling issues for Jackson, as in lagging and heeling wide. I definitely need to find my old 'shark' line and work with him on that light line, especially in distracting situations. What appears to be good heeling when we are working alone, readily turns into something else when he is stressed. He did okay with the signals, although did his usual 'walk in.' The glove exercise was good, and he would have passed on the articles, even though he worked the pile for quite some time before he picked up the correct article. We're still having sit problems on the go-outs, but the directed jumping was good. Overall, the lack of speed on various exercises is going to be hard to overcome in a ring situation due to his temperament, but for now I've decided to focus on getting him to do the basic exercises correctly and worry about the speed later. Maybe that will take some pressure off both of us :-)

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