Monday, December 19, 2011

Life in the desert, training, an award, etc.

Life is good in the desert - and busy. If Jackson thought retirement from the ring meant sleeping on the couch all day, he was in for a surprise. Although we're not training to go in the ring again, we have hooked up with a fun group of trainers here in Arizona and train in a park with them on Sunday mornings. My goals for Jackson now are to keep him moving and thinking, and maybe try to figure out some new training strategies that will help him relax in distracting environments, and build our relationship.

I'm also working on training with lots of games and positive reinforcement. Jackson loves going for our daily walks around the neighborhood so on these walks I'm doing a lot of treating when he's in the 'reinforcement zone' - which is keeping him in heel position and paying attention - by choice. It doesn't seem like 'training' but it's working. He's choosing to stay close to me and check in with me frequently - looking for that treat. Makes for enjoyable walks : )

Thanks to our friends, Falkor the Great Dane and Famke the Field Spaniel, we've received the 'Liebster Blog' award. We are honored. This award goes to 'up and coming' bloggers. Now I need to come up with five bloggers to pass this on to. I'll be working on that.

In the mean time, here's a few pictures of Jackson's life in the desert.


Wishing all our friends a very happy holiday season!



M.T. said...

Obviously i'm missing the "desert" part of the photos ... lol. Sounds like you two are having a great time! :)

Kathie R said...

Yeah, I thought about that after I posted these photos :) We really are surrounded by desert!

Honey the Great Dane said...

I love that you're still finding ways to keep Jackson active & learning in his retirement! That's what I'm trying to do with Honey too. I think it's really great of you - I think it's just like humans: you get old when you let yourself get old!! :-)

Love the pictures - looks like Jackson is enjoying his new life in the dessert!

And am so envious you've found a group of fun trainers to practise with! That's always my goal as you know how much I detest the serious competitive stuff! :-) I hope I'll be able to find a similar group here in Sydney - although I may wait until the weather cools down a bit and we start heading in to autumn in March, before I start dragging Honey to classes! :-)