Friday, May 1, 2009

Fun Match tonight - D+

Jackson - waiting for his turn to go in the ring!

There was a fun match at the club where I train tonight so I did a run through to see where Jackson and I were at with our training. I've been trying to figure out a way to put a positive spin on tonight's activities, but am having some difficulty with that. But, here goes...

It started out pretty good with the heeling and signal exercise. The heeling was not his best, but okay - considering the match was more stressful than regular training. The 'down' and 'sit' signals were good, but he needed a second command on the 'come.' Although he did trot in to me instead of walk.

Things took a dip with the articles. The first article actually was not bad - very slow, but he went to work and got the correct article. He had problems with the second article though so I had to go out and show him the correct article. If I had waited him out, I think he might have gotten it, but since he knows his articles, I want him to learn that he needs to go right to work and find it - not to keep circling the pile or standing looking over at what's going on in the next ring!

Okay, so then it was the directed retrieve (glove) exercise. His pivot was not good, but he retrieved the correct glove. On to the moving stand - he locks up beautifully on the stand signal, but sometimes anticipates when it's coming, which I think he did tonight. And then he surprised me by not coming to heel on the first command. That's a new one! He did come - although slowly - on the second command.

The directed jumping was the last exercise. His go outs were good (straight and all the way to the gates), but he did not sit on the first go out, so I went out and physically put him in a sit, then we retried it. He did sit on the next two go outs - although slowly - and both jumps were good.

I'm still frustrated with the lack of speed on the exercises. Even though I can get some speed in our practice sessions, it just disappears in a trialing situation. Overall though, it was an improvement over the February trial when he avoided looking at me for signals and he refused the jump. So, I guess when I compare it to that - he is making some progress : ) Still, a long way to go I think until we're ready to enter another trial.


Jennifer H. said...

Kathie I am very impressed with all of your and Jackson's hard work. Utility is hard stuff! I think you have a great attitude and you and Jackson make a great team.

Kathie R said...

Thanks Jennifer! I keep telling myself - "it's the journey, not the destination" :)