Friday, May 1, 2009

Holistic vet care update

Thought I would take a minute to give an update on Jackson's holistic healthcare treatments.

After several months of recurring lameness issues from an undetermined cause and after visits and treatment (x-rays, Rimadyl and rest, etc.) by our regular vet, I decided to try the holistic approach. We had our first holistic healthcare visit in March of this year. He was evaluated and given spinal manipulation therapy and acupuncture on that visit. Incidently, he weighed 165 pounds at that time.

We had a follow-up visit two weeks later with the same treatments. Prior to the follow-up visit we began seeing improvement in his movements and have seen no signs of lameness since shortly after the first treatment. We started back with our regular training routine, which included the 24-inch jumps heights. I had either not been jumping him, or had lowered the jumps considerably because of the lameness issues over the previous couple months.

Today was our third visit for treatments. The holistic vet that treats him has been somewhat surprised at his positive response to the treatments and that he is no longer showing any signs of lameness. In fact, she asked if she could take a photo of him for a presentation that she is preparing and use him as a case study! However, she did say when she took his pulse, that it was more rapid and not as strong as she would expect with a big dog. This could mean that there are still some health issues going on with him. Incidently, he weighed in at 173 pounds today. Probably not a good weight for a performance dog. Even though he doesn't look overweight, I think it would be best to try to get him back down to 165.

Now, I must also say that at the time we started the holistic treatments, I also started him on Dasuquin - a joint health supplement for dogs that goes above and beyond the traditional glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate products on the market and is only available through a vet. So... maybe the Dasuquin was responsible for the improvement. Or, maybe he would have responded the same if I had done nothing at all ????? Or, maybe it was in fact the holistic treatments????

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