Saturday, June 13, 2009

Clicker training update

I got so inspired by the great feedback from Hsin-Yi on clicker training the glove retrieve, that I've gone back to square one with the exercise using the clicker. Since he already knows the glove retrieve exercise, I'm not sure what to make of his progress. Since I'm not directing him to pick up the glove and bring it to me, he is making that choice on his own. Not sure though if he's doing it for the reward, or if it's because he knows that's what is expected.

When I first started this exercise he just stood close to me for a couple or three minutes before he ventured out to pick up the glove. (That's the point at which the video clip begins.) I've read that is typical of 'traditional' trained dogs. They may be less willing to try new things for fear of getting it wrong and depend more on direction from the handler. Anyway, here's a clip of the updated glove retrieve with the clicker.

And, as Hsin-Yi has suggested, I'm going to next try it with a different object to see if the response is different using an unfamiliar object.

Stay tuned : )

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Mango said...

Hey! Honey sent me over to meet you. I like to learn new tricks just like you and Honey. You are so clever to learn that glove thing. And your retrieves are so fast! You are a blur!

I am not doing so well figuring the whole thing out.